We are geeks with too much time on our hands and a passion for all the fun toys the internet has to offer. This site was originally started as a place to share sweet gadgets and unique oddities with a few friends, but it has since become a full time endeavor. We have a great time reading through reader submissions and looking for cool things to share on the interwebs. We don’t sell any of the items we feature. As such, we have no control over item pricing or availability. All the prices and info you see are our best estimate at the time of the item posting. Each item leads to the seller’s page for more information, current pricing and availability. We do make a commission on some of the item links, but this is never a factor on what we decide to feature on the site. We pick items solely on whether we think they’re fun and cool. Also, we have the occasional ad, but we try to keep those relevant and to a minimum. In the end, we hope to provide you with a simple site that’s easy to browse, continually updating, and fun to share with friends. Welcome!

But don’t take our word for it. Here’s what others are saying:

That’s nice honey.

– mom

Who would need that? Who has that kind of money? I’m depressed.

– A random friend

I’d totally buy that. Whoa, that’s so cool. WTF is that? I’m sending that to Mark.

– A less than random friend


– YouTube commenter

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